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I need money – Usher’s acuser wrote on Facebook days before conference (Photos)

One of Usher’s accusers, Quantasia Sharpton, proclaimed exactly one week before filing her STD lawsuit against the singer, she was hard up for cash.

Quantasia, who also goes by Angel Valentino on social media, said last week, “I need some money.” The Facebook post came exactly one week before her news conference with celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom, announcing the lawsuit against Usher.

Also, early Monday morning before the press conference she wrote, “Enjoying my last couple of hours as a regular girl.” Seems Quantasia was well aware coming forward to make the herpes allegation against Usher would put her squarely in the spotlight.

It’s interesting since the other 2 people on the lawsuit filed anonymously, as Jane and John Doe.

As for why she uses aliases online Quantasia says, “I go by Angel cause my name is clearly ghetto and hard to pronounce.”

via Apex Reporters

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