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Mother Abandons Children In Court As Judge Grants Her Full Custody

An Idi-Ogungun Customary Court, Agodi-Ibadan, Oyo State on Tuesday was the scene of a mild drama following a woman, Suriat Adewale, rejecting custody of her three children, including a 12-month-old baby.

Following the court granting her custody of her kids, Suriat protested saying she is jobless and wont be able to take fare of the children. Her to other kids are aged 5 and 3.

The court however refused to grant her plea, a refusal that made Suriat attempt to abandon the kids in court but was prevented.

Earlier, the president of the court, Mr. Mukaila Balogun, had dissolved the union and ordered the three kids of the couple to be in the custody of Suriat.

Balogun added sayi ng the children were too young to be left in the custody of their father,stressing that at that age, their mother was in the best position to take care of them effectively.

The plaintiff was also ordered to be paying the sum of N10,000 monthly to Suriat for the upkeep of the three children.

In the suit, the husband asked that their 15-year marriage be dissolved due to Suriat’s disrespectful ways and abandonment of her matrimonial home for five months.

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Adewale told the court that wife moved out of their home in September 2.016 with the kids, but returned them last February.

“I pleaded with her to allow the children stay with her for proper care, but she refused and asked me to look for a nanny who would take care of the children.

“It has not been easy for me since, because the third child was just seven months old when she abandoned them to me.

“I pray the court to dissolve the union and also give her custody of the children so that I would be able to face my business and have money to take care of the children,“ he pleaded.

In her defence, Suriat prayed the court not to dissolve the marriage, saying:

“Adewale was in the habit of beating and accusing me of committing adultery; I decided to stay away from him, I intend going back to him when I see changes in his character,“ the woman said.


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