Ones again on LINK UP WITH DAN, we have Chika (fake name) who after hitting all the girls on the street and making them miserable, rants on how different girls taste differently.
He further goes on to demystify the ancient secret about how not all ladies are worth taking your pants off for, stating clearly that while a low body count would leave a lady smelling like roses and peaches, a high one would leave her smelling like curses and rotten, bacteria infested, fishes
Dear Dan,
Baba how far, Thank you for yesterday boss I really appreciate. I have a question to ask you please. I just want to know How would someone tell a girl that her p*ssy is not good like is not sweet?
Because every time they are always saying that a man’s d*ck is small or he is good in bed but I think you know is not always a man fault?
You are a man bro you know that there is the difference between pu*sy that has quality and the one that doesn’t.
Some of these girls smell like what I don’t understand and sleeping with some girls is better than with other girls.
Especially those that have low body count like 3 or 4 but if a girl has high body count like 8 and above it is not sweet like the other once. Abi boss?
Just like the other day I had s3x with this girl that lives around here I just did quick quick because of the smell and tomorrow she would say that it is because I am not good in bed but girls don’t know these things.