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Nigerian Lady dies in fatal accident months after sharing emotional Facebook post

A Beautiful Nigerian medical scientist identified as Lamee Tomtsu has been reported dead. The lady who worked at the Ministry of Health in Gombe state, died in a fatal accident alongside with her brother’s two children.

The post which the deceased wrote on her Facebook page revealed how a lot of people will cry for her when they hear about her death. She also used the opportunity to seek for forgiveness from anyone who she might have offended and urged everyone to live a good life.
Tomtsu’s post reads:
“ONE DAY, I WILL BE NO MORE!!! People who love me, will cry. People who never wished me well, will yet, feel bad. My pictures will be use on Facebook, BBM, WhatsApp, etc… As “RIP LAMEE TOMTSU” There will be thousands of comments on them from people who knew me and people who really wished they came in contact with me. There will be no more status update on my wall, no more broadcast, My profile picture will not be changing again. You will call my phone and I will never pick up. Drop thousands of messages that will be unread, because i no longer exist. If you loved me, how would you feel that day? If you hated me, how would you feel? If I had begged for help from you and you turned me down, how would you feel?  

If we had unsettled dispute with you what would you be crying for? Looking at the happenings in this world today i beg for us to live right, love, care and support one another. Let try to make peace always, because, you never know when your or my last ‘goodbye’ will be….. If I have ever wrong you intentionally or without me even knowing it, if I have ever made you feel bad or hurt due to what I say or do please please # I am on my kneels now I beg of you forgive me.. To all those who hurt me I forgive you. (Go and sin no more… Lol) #Vanity upon Vanity all is vanity #We are nothing but pencil in the hands of the creator…. #Life is so brief…. Live right.”


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via Apex Reporters

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