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Woman sentenced to death for killing 10 year old cousin

A court in the United States has sentenced an Arizona woman to death for the killing of her 10-year-old cousin, who was locked in a trunk as punishment for stealing a popsicle.

According to Fox News, Sammantha Allen becomes the third woman sentenced to death in the state.

The 29-year-old was convicted in June of first-degree murder and child abuse in the death of her cousin in 2011.

Allen put her head down and sobbed as the verdict was read.

Deal suffocated after being locked in a trunk as punishment in triple-digit heat.

“She didn’t care what happened to this child. It was all about what was going to happen to her,” stated a juror.
“I was looking for something from her. That was her chance to plead for her life and it just felt short.”
Another juror added, “I think the hardest thing for all of us was the victim and learning about what her life really entailed and the years of abuse that she suffered.”

The jurors all agreed that Allen did not seem to be sorry about her role in Ame’s death.

via Apex Reporters

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