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‘It Broke My Heart,’ K.O On Artists Leaving Cashtime

A couple of years ago Cashtime was one of the biggest powerhouses in South Africa just before the artists who held the label together started jumping ship.

The Cashtime boss K.O recently spoke on Trending SA sharing his truth on what really happened when Cashtime fell. “Whatever that I did, it was done from a great place, even till this day, I don’t have any ill feelings towards anyone because I did that just purely out of the kindness of my own heart, I decided to open a door and when it came to a point where people started peeling off,” said KO.

“Unfortunately, I ended up getting the short end of the stick because it was made to look like people were purely moving based on the fact that KO didn’t want them to blossom, and instead of people standing up on their own two feet on some “bro, that is not actually the case, we are leaving because we wanna go pursue other opportunities…some people took comfort in the fact that people were just blaming me on that level, so it broke my heart.”


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